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The paper focuses on the efforts voluntary associations belonging to the ANPAS movement are currently carrying out – or could provide in the future – in the field of post-school services for children (aged 5 to 11) in Tuscany, in order to support families and public institutions in their dealing with welfare cuts imposed by the crisis.

Using in-depth interviews and document analysis, five territorial contexts have been analysed in order to bring to light all the distinctive features, characteristics, needs, strengths and threats upon which effective services for children could be tailored and provided by voluntary associations. The main issues which have emerged within the research project will be analysed granularly within this paper, with the hope of giving a small but innovative contribution to the discussion of the matter at hand and also on the social added value (SAV) that voluntary associations can grant thanks to their mobilization.

Rossana Trifiletti
Elena Elia
Luigi Remaschi

>> DOWLOAD>> Childcare as a support to  families in the financial crisis: the role of voluntary associations in Tuscany facing local welfare retrenchment 



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