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This paper aims to propose some theoretical and methodological guidelines referred to participatory evaluation processes of social policies. How to select the social actors to be included in evaluation processes? What issues is it more appropriate to discuss with the different types of actors included? What should aim to participatory processes at different levels and at different stages? Which is the more appropriate evaluation design and evaluative research to these aims? These are the core questions of this paper. All this, taking into account both the level and the phase of the policy cycle in which the evaluator is operating (when), both the meaning of the participation, that in evaluative processes may be just “practical” or “transformative” (Cousins, Whitmore, 1998), when aimed at the democratization of decision making through the inclusion, dialogue and deliberation (House, Howe, 1999).

Mauro Palumbo
Claudio Torrigiani

>>DOWNLOAD>> Participatory evaluation in the field of social policies: why, who, what, where, how and when



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