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In this paper we focused on participative actions originated outside of the public sphere but managing to positively impact over obsolete power and governance mechanism. The proposed case-studies, selected from about 100 Italian experiences, manifest the typology of action we called “Generative” which appears capable to originate a participative, constructive, collaborative and productive of shared value movement. Such an action is not classically bottom-up nor alter-global. It can be defined as ego-alter inasmuch as the relationship with the political-institutional sphere happens on a plane of substantial equity and progressive reciprocal recognition and the action is based upon the identification of a (social) need. This key passage indissolubly ties individual and context together through the recognition of a common neediness which enables the thinking and practicing of participation and of social innovation. The concept of Generativity reveals itself as a new logic for action, an alternative to Exit and Voice.

Anna Cossetta
Patrizia Cappelletti

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