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This paper is included in the project “Cittadinanza, Costituzione e Sicurezza” Citizenship, Constitution and Security “ (Ministry of Education, University and Research ). Willing to favour integration and participation of immigrant pupils in school life. Specific aim is to promote among students an active participation in a bottom up approach, raise cohesion among immigrant and local students. Methodology is participatory action research.

Participants: 124 adolescents from high school (65% female, 48% migrants, average age= 15,85). The adolescents reported a negative perception of discrimination, fundamental to contrast discrimination is open-mindedness, willingness to listen, integration. The Photovoice emerged as important source of participation, for it allows individual expression. Any linguistic or communicative difficulties have been overcome by non-native students succeeding in self-expression, through the use of photos.

Laura Remaschi
Maria Pia Bianchi
Francesca Ammogli
Rosita Giunti
Patrizia Meringolo

>>DOWNLOAD>> Relationship among adolescents attending high school: using innovative methodologies to foster adolescent active citizenship and to challenge social injustice on migration phenomenon 


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