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Within the current crisis in legitimacy and efficacy of democratic models we can observe numerous episodes of social conflict and the development of various participatory devices around issues concerning social safety. Two of these are immigration and environmental issues, for which safety implies either protection from deviance and micro-criminality, and health protection from forms of pollution. The paper is about institutional concertation practices aimed to develop a panel of subject involved in decision making (even if they have not effective decision power) in order to prevent and mitigate conflicts .Through the analysis of two case studies (Brescia and Padova) we will highlight the existence of a transversal and preventive concertation paradigm which is put in place to prevent social conflicts. We want to focus in practices which are meant to be participatory, but are often used to mislead, create, and replicate decision making processes which do not involve people, and disempower civil society in influencing the political processes that involve them.

Giovanni Lonati
Sebastian Saborio Rodriguez

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