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Programme 2012/2013

The Volunteering and Participation Foundation (short FVP) is pleased to announce a new annual visiting international fellowship to support research on citizen participation and voluntary organizations in Italy.

The fellowship provides an opportunity for faculty, professional or student researchers to pursue independently designed research related to the core topics of the FVP. The objectives of the fellowship are to increase knowledge and research on participation and voluntary organizations and to promote professional and cultural exchanges.

Applicants are eligible to spend a one or two months stay at the Foundation conducting their own research project. Proposals are welcome but not restricted to the following areas covered by the ongoing research program at the FVP:


- welfare and social vulnerability

- health

- youth policy

- environment

- community safety

- civil protection

- gender and equal opportunities.


The Fellowship is intended for research and preparation of research projects. Fieldwork and new data collection are strongly encouraged. Language studies do not qualify for support. FVP staff will assist in arranging professional activities to ensure that the Fellow’s projects is likely to come to a successful conclusion. Example activities may include contacting and visiting with key agencies, working collaboratively on preparatory actions to fieldwork.

During the stay the Fellow is expected to give a presentation in a technical session on his/her research on participation and/or voluntary organizations issue. The Fellow will have the opportunity to publish in FVP’s Working Paper Series (LINK). He/she will be encouraged to submit papers, proposals or ideas for future publications and projects.

Who can apply?

Faculty, professional researchers and PhD candidates coming from universities and research centers
of European countries, are eligible to apply, regardless of nationality. There is no age limit for the
Fellowship holder.

The FVP welcomes applications from scholars and practitioners who have research experience and
do not hold a PhD.

Italian language requirements are not strict, but a good knowledge is recommended.

Alternatively, a good knowledge of English is required.

Budget and services

The maximum budget available is € 1,500 (although on very rare occasions larger awards may be made for exceptional proposals) to cover the living and project expenses. Service provided includes: a shared office, insurance, housing assistance, transfer from/to airport.

Fellows are responsible for financing the cost of the international travel.

Application process and deadlines

Application to the program can be submitted, filling the form downloaded online. The deadline for applications is November 15th of the year prior to the desired year of residence. A skype interview is part of the application process. Decisions are ordinarily  announced in December.

Application and the other supporting document must be send to the following address:

>>> Download APPLICATION FORM >>>

For further information please write to: Dr. Marta Bonetti- International Office; email:

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