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International Conference

Participatory local welfare, citizenship and third sector organizations. What is at stake? (PART_WEL Conference)

Pisa, 31st January – 1st February 2013

 Stream 1
>>Top-down and bottom-up: aspects, relations and implications of emerging forms of regulated participation and grassroot mobilization>>
Coordinator: Luigi Pellizzoni (University of Trieste)

Stream 2
>>Promoting social participation at local level: theoretical and practical issues>>
Coordinator: Vando Borghi University of Bologna)

Stream 3
>>The role of evaluation in the implementation of participatory institutional processes>>
Coordinators: Nicoletta Stame (University Roma La Sapienza)

Stream 4.
>>Public, for profit and not for profit actors: changing roles and relations, and the effects on rights, duties and the welfare institutional building>>
Coordinators: Laurent Fraisse (LISE / CNAMCNRS), Stefania Sabatinelli Polytechnic of Milano)

Stream 5
>>The risks of exclusion embedded in the institutional processes and within the street level practices aimed at promoting social participation>>
Coordinator: Rik van Berkel (University of Utrecht)

Stream 6
>>Participation for what? Social cohesion and citizens strategies in the context of economic crisis >>
Coordinator: Marisol Garcia (UniversIty of Barcelona)

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