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Stream 3

2013, 31 st January 14.30 – 19.15

>>The role of evaluation in the implementation of participatory institutional processes>>

Coordinators: Nicoletta Stame (University of Roma La Sapienza)

Mauro Palumbo, Claudio Torrigiani (University of Genova)
>>Participatory evaluation in the field of social policies: who, what , how and why>>

Mita Marra (University of Salerno)
Decentralizing information processing and decision making through evaluation 

Giuseppe Moro, Laura Tagle (Evaluation Unit of Regione Puglia)
Fostering policy dialogue through evaluation quality enhancement devices: the role of steering groups in the regional government of Puglia’s evaluation strategy

Carl Christian Bachke (University of Agder)
>>Do we need a vacation policy for marginalized youth?>>

Laura Remaschi et al (University of Firenze)

>>Relationship between adolescents at high school: using innovative methodologies to foster adolescent active citizenship and to challenge social injustice on migration phenomenon>>

Iskender Dolek, Nurullah Ulutas (Mus Alparslan University)
Global Warming, the Crisis of Global climate and the Notion of Immigration and Multi-culturalism

Gabriele Tomei (Univeristy of Pisa)
>>When evaluation is too complex. Participative approach as a need (and a challenge) for evaluation of Paris Declaration principles in UNDP programme at decentralized level>>

Andrea Giraldi
Institutional Participation in crisis? An unofficial evaluation of Tuscan Law 69/2007

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