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Stream 4

2013, 31 st January 14.30 – 19.15

>>Public, for profit and not for profit actors: changing roles and relations, and the effects on rights, duties and the welfare institutional building>>

Coordinators: Laurent Fraisse (LISE / CNAMCNRS), Stefania Sabatinelli (Polytechnic of Milano)

Stream 4.1

Bastian Jantz, Tanja Klenk (Universität Potsdam)
>>From a provider to a market regulator? The changing role of the German Federal Employment Agency, causes and consequences>>

Patrizia Aurich, Paolo Graziano, Katharina Zimmermann (Universität Oldenburg, Bocconi University)
>>Stakeholder Participation and Policy Integration in Local Social and Employment Policies: Germany and Italy compared>>

Matteo Bassoli, Benedetta Trivellato (Bocconi University, University of Milano – Bicocca)
>>Integrating and Decentralizing the employment services. The case of Lombardy and Milan>>

Rosangela Lodigiani (University “Cattolica del Sacro cuore” of Milano)
>>Welfare privatization in Italy: between erosion of the welfare state and opportunities for social innovation>>

Ilaria Madama, Franca Maino (University of Milan)
>>Work-life balance policies as a multi-level, molti-stakeholder policy challenge. The case of Territorial Network for Conciliation in Lombardy>>

Karl Henrik Sivesind (Institute for Social Research Elisenberg)
>>Outsourcing of Scandinavian welfare societies? Consequences of private and nonprofit service provision for active citizenship>>

Stream 4.2

Ralf Och (Universität Hamburg)
>>Participation of service providers in local policy processes. Experiences from municipal care policies in Germany>>

Elena Elia, Paola Tola (Qubica soc. coop a r.l., Italy)
>>Caring for non self-sufficient elderly people: contributions to the Tuscan welfare system from a strategic alliance between voluntary associationsand public institutions. Findings and comments from an empirical study>>

Gabriella Civico (European Volunteer Centre)
The changing perspectives, in the context of the economic crisis and consequential austerity measures, on the role of volunteers and volunteer organisations in the delivery of welfare services

Matteo Orlandini (University of Bologna)
>>Public-private Partnership: the mechanism of reflexivity as the base of social and participatory action>>

Contributed Papers:

Flavia Piperno, Mara Tognetti ((CeSPI-Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale, University of Milano Bicocca))
>>Towards a transnational governance of care needs stemming from migration: the Albanian case. (Contributed Paper)>>

Tommaso Fabbri, Massimo Neri, Francesca Mattioli (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
>>Work life balance in a perspective of partecipatoy governance. A case of innovative dynamics in policy making in Reggio Emilia – CONTRIBUTED PAPER>>

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