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Stream 6

2013, 31 st January 14.30 – 19.15

>>Participation for what? Social cohesion and citizens strategies in the context of economic crisis >>

Stream Coordinator: Marisol Garcia (Univeristy of Barcelona)

Stream 6.1

Erini. I Vlachopoulou, George O. Tsobanoglou (University of the Aegean – Greece)

>>Participation and insularity: Challenges in a European framework at a time of financial crisis – a case study from Greece>>

Ilona Matysiak (University of Warsaw)
>>Mothers as citizens. The case study of the activities of MaMa Foundation in Warsaw>>

Rossana Trifiletti, Elena Elia, Luigi Remaschi (University of Firenze)
>>Childcare as a support to families in the financial crisis: the role of voluntary associations in Tuscany facing local welfare retrenchment>>

Stream 6.2

Andrea Salvini, Dania Cordaz, Carolina Nuti (University of Pisa)
>>How volunteering generate and sustain social cohesion? Voluntary social structure and culture>>

Elisa Galli (Comune di Capannori), Riccardo Guidi, Sara Tomei (Volunteering and Participation Foundation)
>>Under Pressure. (Self)Revising critically a welfare participation project in an italian local context>>


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