Festival Volunteering

Two in-depth seminars to discuss the condition of young people and the responses that can come from institutions and the third sector. These are the seminars organized by the Volunteer and Participation Foundation within the Volunteer Festival scheduled from 11 to 14 April in Lucca in the former Real Collegio complex. The seminars, one of which organized in collaboration with Cesvot, will be held on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14.

Saturday 13 at 11 (Room E) appointment with “ Answering young people. What possible policies? ”Which will also be an opportunity to present two books published by Carocci published by the Voluntary and Participation Foundation. The first, edited by Giulia Cordella and Sara Elisabetta Masi is entitled “ Youth condition and new social risks. What policies? “, While the second, edited by Giulia Cordella and Riccardo Guidi is“ Building youth policies. Public discourse, practices and innovations in Italy and Tuscany “. Starting from the research results contained in the books, the round table intends to discuss what challenges public policies must face in order to respond to the growing difficulties of transition to adult life of young people in the area, particularly accentuated by the economic crisis. They will introduce: Giulia Cordella (Voluntary and Participation Foundation) with a report entitled “ The challenges of youth policies in the territory. II results of two researches ”and S ara Masi (University of Bologna) with “ School-work transition policies: good integration practices ” . Discuss: Raffaella Mariani , parliamentarian, Carlo Andorlini , Youth yes project manager, Tuscany Region, Federica Maineri , Councilor for Social Policies, Youth Policies, Equal Opportunities, Volunteering, Social and International Cooperation, Province of Lucca, Alessandro Tambellini , Mayor of the Municipality of Lucca, Gabriele Bove , Councilor for Youth Policies, Social Policies, Housing and Integration Policies and Cooperation, Municipality of Capannori, Donatella Turri , director of Caritas Lucca and economic categories are invited to participate.