Trafficking and slavery: budgets and prospects in Tuscany


Trafficking and slavery: budgets and prospects in Tuscany

The Cesvot and Foundation Volunteering and Participation , in collaboration with Tuscany Region-Regional Commission for Equal Opportunities and the National Volunteer Center , organized the conference ” Trafficking, slavery and exploitation – Financial challenges in Tuscany “. The conference will be held on Thursday 17 November at 3 to 6 pm at Dire e Fare at the Sorbano exhibition center in Lucca. The works will begin at 3 pm with the screening of the video “ In confidence. Rebelling against the new forms of slavery ”by Arianna Mencaroni, vodeomaker and researcher of the Voluntary Service and Participation Foundation. At 3.15 pm greetings from the Cesvot presidentPatrizio Petrucci and Angela Notaro vice-president of the Regional Commission for Equal Opportunities of Tuscany.

Following ” Social Atlas on trafficking “, presentation of the volume published by Cesvot with the interventions of Marta Bonetti researcher of the Voluntary and Participation Foundation, Sonia Biagi referent for the trafficking Policy Sector for the fight against social hardship in the Tuscany Region.

At 4 pm Round table entitled ” The subjects of the network for combating trafficking in Tuscany: roles and skills” to which they will give their contribution, coordinated by the journalist Pamela Cioni , head of the Cospe press office, Giancarlo Galardi, head of the Policies Sector for combating unease social, Chiara Innocenti coordinator councilors for Equal Opportunities of Upi Toscana, Alessandro Salvi manager of the Marginality and Social Inclusion Service of the Municipality of Florence, Gabriella Mauri of the non-profit organization Trame, Maria Pia Pelagatticommander of the Traffic Police of the Municipality of Calenzano and Francesca Nicodemi national referent for the “Tratta” area of ​​Asgi who will reflect on the legal aspects. The conclusions will be entrusted to the director of the Voluntary and Participation Foundation Riccardo Guidi .

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