Why You Should Volunteer In An NGO


A volunteer is someone who willingly offers all kinds of services to an organisation with no expectation of payment. Volunteering is something that is done to help individuals who are in need and people who want to give back to the society. Volunteering activities are always appreciated, and they come in different types. A lot of volunteering activities or skill-based, micro-volunteering, emergency volunteering, as well. There is also another internally famous form, online volunteering. A lot of social organisations are always in need of many enthusiastic volunteers who are ready to contribute some of the skills and their time in order to help the community in general. Generally, people volunteer for a lot of reasons. In this guide, I will be talking about why you should volunteer in a non-profit organisation.

  1. It will help with your personality development. Volunteering his always known to help you build interpersonal skills, and it will undoubtedly accelerate your personal growth. You will also become a good speaker and the listener. You will also see that you have become very sensitive about other peoples needs. Over some time, you will develop good communication, leadership and your decision-making skills will also improve. You will also become very empathetic towards others feelings. You will also gain a lot of confidence, and this will enhance your overall personality as well.
  2. You will become a wonderful role model to the people around you. The contribution of your skills and your time will help people find a new hope for the future. People will also look forward to meeting you and hearing about your experiences. A lot of people will seek you for advice because they want to learn from you.
  3. You will definitely make a difference. By helping other people, you are contributing towards their upliftment and the community as well. You foster teamwork and your community development. You will also become mindful of small things that will impact the society, and it will also benefit the people. Your efforts will bring positive changes in the lives of individuals.


  1. You will be building a career. If you are a fresher who is seeking employment opportunities, volunteering will undoubtedly give you a lot of experience, and it will provide you with an edge over others who are prospective candidates. Employers will prefer someone who has developed interpersonal skills and has a substantial amount of experience when it comes to working with people. In a lot of cases, recommendation letters can get you where you want to be, in terms of employment.
  2. You will certainly gain happiness. Volunteering will definitely make you happy and sulphur content. When you give something, you will definitely get something in return.

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