Discussing civil protection – beyond the clamor – is good for Italy

civil protection

A job offer based on participation

The Italian civil protection is going through perhaps the most difficult moment in its recent history. The political confrontation around the establishment of the much-discussed spa , already exacerbated by the urgent procedure adopted by the Government to pass the reform, was further exacerbated by the judicial complaint on the G8 contracts in La Maddalena. The climate of institutional emergency that has been created in this way presents more than one risk.On the one hand, in fact, the story clamorously strikes a structure, that of the National Civil Protection Service, which until yesterday was considered, in many respects, an Italian excellence, with the danger of throwing away the good things it has been built with difficulty over time; on the other hand, the clamor of the investigation itself is necessarily fleeting and may not serve to really focus on the real problems of Italian civil protection.

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